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Available Extensions

Below is a list of available extensions that are made by IceTheme or third-party Joomla! Extensions which are licensed under the GPL license. All the extensions below are found on the Template Package that is provided on our download section on IceTheme website.

IceMenu Module

IceMenu module is a powerful Joomla! menu system which provide you the ability to have unlimited dropdowns which are enhanced with the powerful MooTools framework. The IceMenu module is simple to use yet a powerful Joomla!,

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IceSlideShow Module

IceSlideshow module is an image slider module based on the popular Mootools library. The point for this module is to display your images in a nice and smoothing way. On the right part of the module which is the menu for the ...

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IceAccrordion Module

IceAccordion is a simple yet powerful module based on the popular Mootools library. It can display a set of article in an accordion way. It should be used when the vertical space is limited and you have a large number of articles.

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IceCarousel Module

IceCarousel module is a simple, yet powerful Joomla Module which we have build to enhance the power of your Joomla website. The scope of this module is to show Article items of a certain category in a carousel way...

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IceTwitter Module

Getting social nowadays is a must for every website. Give your members the latest news directly from your Twitter account with our simple IceTwitter module. You need just to enter your Twitter account username and select how ...

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IceScroller Module

IceScroller module is a simple in-view module but as powerful as all our Joomla modules. As you can see below from the screenshot taken in the J! Administrator you will notice many options that are available for this module.

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PixSearch Module

We at IceTheme always try to make thing easier for your users, even for the simplest things. So to increase the user satisfaction, we have incorporated into this Joomla template the new PixSearch module.

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Jweather Module

With this module you have the possibility to show to your users the weather forecast for your selected city. Also you can change the parameters which include the the number of days that you want to show...

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Date/Time Mod

With the Date/Time Module you have the option to show the current date and time in 2 formats: JavaScript based and PHP based. Also this module have lot of availalbe paramters tha you can change...

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J2Top Plg

J2top creates a button that appears on the bottom-right when you scroll down the page. This button will scroll smoothly to the top of the page when you click it and then disappear again. The look of the button is fully configurable...

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